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I am about to start my third year of uni, and I’m going to miss the break. So far, communications/law has been incredible – I have always been pretty academic and have found that it fits me perfectly. If I’m honest, I’m not 100% sure what my cultural studies major is about; we go from analysing mob-mentality and liminal literature, to serious discussions about the emotions of tables. But in any case, I guess I leave uni feeling slightly more cultured (in a good way, not like yoghurt).

While studying, I work as a freelance artist, tutor, and editor, which means that my work space is usually just a laptop, a desk, and a fridge nearby. (Or sometimes my bed with a fridge nearby). (I hope to one day just eat for a living). I also specialise in unpaid labour, interning for several companies a few days each week.

For what I do, a good place to work and study is just one that has a lot of stuff, but isn’t too tangled (like the house of a moderately neat, and slightly conservative hoarder). When it comes to drawing, I always need ways to transport and file my artworks and prints, as well as practical storage options for all of the materials. This year Officeworks has kindly helped me get to it, and I have flatlayed my must-haves below:

Officeworks ling mcgregor officeworks ling mcgregor officeworks ling mcgregorPicMonkey Collage officeworks ling mcgregor mug

They include:

I have always been surrounded by the most creative people, and everyone at uni is up to so many interesting things. I hope that amongst the brilliant ventures that you have packed into your life throughout this new year, you are doing what you love, making time for yourself in between, and eating a ton of pad thai as often as possible.


 This post was created for The Office Space


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