Figure Drawing

1 - officeworksxart

Inspired by some incredible shots from MBFWA, I’m stepping away from my usual portrait drawings and teaming up with a bunch of photographers and bloggers for something a little bit different. As a huge plus, I have been lucky enough to test out the new range of art supplies at Officeworks while I’m at it (+ everything that I have used is linked below).


A few years ago I attended a life drawing course at the National Art School and really loved it, so I have been to many local sessions around Sydney since (if you are interested in going, too, they are often organised through local council, community or art centres, and some are held in galleries such as the MCA and the Brett Whitely Studio, or themed like Dr Sketchy’s). However, I don’t always have time to make weekly sessions, so working from photographs or using mannequins is really helpful when drawing figures. Hope you like what I have recently created:

cath_belle ling mcgregor drawing

Catherine | Catherinebelle

annnieo ling mcgregor drawing

Annie | Anniepop

Lovethread ling mcgregor drawing

Angeline | Lovethread

they all hate us ling mcgregor drawing

Tash and Elle | Theyallhateus

ling mcgregor drawing

Andrea | Dreachong


– Keishikibi

A few months ago I met Myles Kalus, the lovely photographer behind Street Style Australia. He started this series in 2013, and his photography is always incredibly crisp and polished, so I thought that I would use some of his work from MBFWA as reference photos:


yanyanchan ling mcgregor drawing

Yan Yan Chan | Parfasseux

ling mcgregor drawing step by step

Chloe | Chloechill

officeworksxart step by step 1

zanita ling mcgregor drawingZanita | Zanitazanita

ling mcgregor officeworks art

Officeworks is launching a ridiculously huge range of new art supplies this month, and I have been lucky enough to pick up everything that I need (and a whole bunch of things that I probably don’t need, but just really, really wanted to try):

officeworks art ling mcgregor

These drawings are quite different from my usual work, and I would love to know what you think!



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